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29 Jun New Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam
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Elderflowers combined with gooseberries make a fragrant jam. Select under-ripe gooseberries and place the heads of the elderflowers into a thin piece of scalded muslin.Tie it up with string and add it to the pan with the gooseberries. Makes about 2.25kg 1kg gooseberries 12 heads of elderflower 450ml of water 1.4kg granulated, cane sugar 1. To..
28 Jun Elderflower Cordial
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My recipe is made over two days and keeps for at least a year. Once the cordial has been poured into bottles, sterilise it in a water bath. Fill the bottles leaving a 2.5cm (1in) gap at the top. Screw the tops, then give them a quarter turn so that the bottles are loosely sealed. Create a false bottom in a pan, tall and wide enough to hold the ..
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