Christmas?! You're probably wondering how on earth we could possibly be talking about Christmas after the hot summer we’ve just enjoyed. Well, that's because making sloe gin takes time (and a pinch of patience) but that makes it all the more satisfying and delicious when you enjoy it.

There’s no cooking required, just restraint not to taste some as the sloes steep in the gin, getting tastier over the next few months. Of course, when the big C does finally arrive, the sloes will have been soaking in the gin for a solid 3 and a half months and will be ready for you to enjoy.

It will make the perfect festive gift, or, as a serving suggestion, savor the flavours yourself in front of the fire with some woolly socks on…


500g ripe sloes
250g caster sugar
1 litre of good-quality gin

 Preparation method

Sterilise a sewing needle and one of our 1 Litre Gallone Bottles
Prick the skin of the sloes all over with the needle and place into the Gallone Bottle
Pour in the sugar and the gin in with the sloes Seal tightly, shake well and store in a cool, dark cupboard
Shake every other day for a week, then shake once a week for at least two months.
When ready, strain the sloe gin through muslin and decant into a sterilised bottle, such as our Costalata bottles

Fancy adding a autumnal hedgerow twist? Then throw in a plum, a handful of raisins, 4 prunes, 1 vanilla pod and a handful of damsons to your recipe. Heavenly!