Why the Right Wine Bottle Matters?

Choosing the right wine bottle for your homemade wine is crucial. The bottle not only serves as a container but also plays a key role in the ageing process, protection from light, and presentation of your wine.

The Significance of Bottle Shape

Wine bottles come in various shapes, each with historical and functional reasons. Reds often go in Bordeaux bottles with straight sides, while Burgundy bottles, with their sloped shoulders, are preferred for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The shape can affect sediment, ageing, and even the wine's storytelling aspect.


Choosing the Right Colour

Colour plays a crucial role in protecting wine from light. Darker bottles offer more protection against UV rays, making them suitable for wines that age longer, such as reds. Lighter-coloured bottles are often used for wines consumed young.

Choosing the Right Closure

The debate between corks and screw caps is ongoing, with each having its advantages. Corks are traditional and allow for a small amount of oxygen to interact with the wine, aiding the ageing process. Screw caps provide a tighter seal and are more convenient, making them ideal for wines meant to be consumed young.

Choosing the right Bottle Size and Volume

Wine bottles come in various sizes and volumes, from standard 750ml to larger formats. Think about your wine's intended use and storage when choosing the size.

Find Your Perfect Wine Bottle

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