Well at last it would appear that Summer has well and truly arrived. The bees are out in force so lots of honey being made. The blossom on the trees seems full of promise for a good harvest unlike last year. We have plenty of jars and bottles in stock all sizes and shapes for that lovely produce being harvested now and in the coming months. Just have a look at some of these pictures, does that not make your mouth water. Just think of some newly baked bread with either jam, marmalade or honey on and elderflower juice.

Celia 017

In our family garden the blooms are coming into flower daily attracting lots of different wildlife. We have been picking strawberries now for a quite a few weeks and have become purely hobby jam makers ourselves. We must applaud you jam and drink makers, as the homemade jam and drinks we have sampled from our customers puts ours to shame so we will not ive up our day job!

Celia 041

We had a family wedding last weekend which saw our wedding favour jars full of colourfull sweets with ribbons to match the bridal colours. We are becoming something of experts on wedding favours and we are now learning about the ever growing candle market of which we have a wide choice of glass containers. This is something we hope to expand especially for the end of the year.

We are now expanding our offerings to accessories and now offer lots more choices on caps and closures for a myriad of different products. We are also offering packing materials nd hope to expand this area so please stay tuned to our blog at which we will always add our latest and newest products. If you have any ideas please let us know as we want to work closer with our customers.

Anna, who many of you deal with, has two new additions to her family, two hand reared lambs by Anna and her son Max. They make everyone smile as they gambol around with Anna’s ponies. Indeed her stables are now a magnet for the local children. Michael’s been allocated a space for an allotment to grow his Veg, with his green fingers we are hoping for a good crop!